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About Us

Just maybe, if you were asked what are the most important things in life to you, your list would include home, family and health- and if pressed a little further and allowed to go into details you would perhaps, just perhaps, wax eloquent with a vivid description of how you want your home to look - the style, choice of furnishings, accessories etc.  Keep going -  and you are now on the outside with a beautiful garden, because a beautiful home needs a garden to be complete – with a green, green lawn, flowers blooming all year, water features, bird feeders and baths and quiet cozy areas for you to sit and listen to nature and reconnect with life.

Slow down! - Let's not forget about health.  You would say that in order to fully enjoy all of the above it helps if you are in good health.  Plus there is a definite supportive connection between health, gardening and having beautiful surroundings. Nor, you would add, can we forget that health is not limited to the physical but must also encompass the mental, financial and spiritual aspects of our lives.  We all want lives which are rounded and grounded….and; you have just described what HHG Magazine is all about – helping us to make our lives better in varied and sometimes very simple ways.

HHG Magazine was started in 2001 as a souvenir magazine for the Health, Home & Garden Expo which is held at the National Arena, Kingston, Jamaica. It was first an annual publication coinciding with the then annual Expo (now biennial). The magazine has now taken on a life of its own, is now published three times per year and is well received all over the world.

Editor in chief: Fay Wint
Email: hhgmagazine@cwjamaica.com
Tel: 876-925-4306

HHG Jamaican Magazine is an independent magazine published by Health, Home & Garden Promotions.

5-7 Dunrobin Avenue
Kingston 10
Jamaica W.I.

Tel: 876-924-4985 / 925-4306
Email: hhgmagazine@cwjamaica.com
ISSN: 0799-141X

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