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Do you want to advertise with us?

HHG Magazine has a fast growing readership across the Caribbean, USA, Canada and United Kingdom. Subscription to the magazine is also increasing at a tremendous rate. This unique magazine has become a collector’s item for our readers with new readers requesting all back issues. Magazines have a long life, so the benefits of advertising in such a magazine as HHG are long term.

Advertise in HHG Magazine today and reap long term benefits!

Page Size (Full Colour)
Double Page Spread
17 ¼” w x 11 ¼” h
Inside Full Page 
Half Page (Hori/Verti.)
Quarter Page
Inside Front Cover
Inside Back Cover
Outside Back Cover
Real Estate Listings
3 ½ ” h x 2 ½” w
Market Place Listings

Please note – There is a 5% discount given when two (2) insertions are submitted at once. For three (3) insertions submitted at once there is a 10% discount.

**Special placement other than covers attracts a 10%.

Agency Commission & GCT are not included in prices.
General Consumption Tax applies in Jamaica.

Printing & Artwork Specs

HHG Magazine uses computer-to-plate technology. No film output is used.

Artwork Preparation
All material is required in electronic format. A proper full-colour proof must accompany artwork to ensure artwork accuracy. Artwork may be sent via email or placed on a CD media. 
HHG Magazine will not be responsible for colour reproduction or loss of data if a colour proof is not in hand.

Screened Artwork
Where only screened film artwork is available, a conversion to electronic format will be subject to an additional charge of US$120.

Electronic Artwork For Emailing
A JPEG file at 300dpi resolution or PDF files are best for emailing. 

Electronic Artwork And FTP-Upload
CD’s accepted. (PC/Macintosh). Convert all vector and pagination files to CMYK, TIFF or PDF files. A TIFF at 300dpi resolution or a PDF at 2400dpi will ensure high resolution.

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